The Key to Web 2.0

I don’t know why businesses almost always seek to be like their competitors. Granted, most of time, they are trying desperately hard to catch up with their industry leader. It may have worked to some extend before, but it does NOT work for Web 2.0.

The key to Web 2.0, business or personal, is to be unlike everyone else.

I was watching an episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other day, and thinking to myself: “I don’t mind waiting for the 30-second commercial clips in between each segment.” Not that I enjoy watching the commercials (I ignore them altogether), but because I understand he (and his show) is trying to make money. And because he is the only Jon Stewart in the world, It was worth the wait.

You don’t win when you are better than everyone else. Not anymore. Not online. You win when there is no one else doing what you do.

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