The Best Time for Social Media

64% of small businesses think Social Media is unnecessary. And I bet most of them are doing pretty well.

Here is the thing: when businesses are doing well, they generally don’t want change. They hesitate to add or try something new — afraid that the new addition will somehow disrupt rather than help.

While that’s totally understandable, you should also keep in mind that the best time to invest in Social Media is while you are still on your way up. The most effective and efficient time for building a Social Media fan base is when there is still enough buzz about your business — when people can’t wait to hear from you.

Many businesses treat Social Media (or any other new marketing tools for that matter) as a desperate attempt to revitalize their businesses when all else have failed.

Guess what? Social Media isn’t some magic that will miraculously turn your business around. It is merely a new way of communication. When people don’t want to hear from you, they don’t want to hear from you, regardless of what method you are using to contact them.

So, don’t be like those businesses who were forced to switch from fax to email at the last minute. Instead, be one of the first in your industry to reach out to where your customers are today (hint: Facebook). Accept the fact the this new form of media is here to stay, and try to master it before everyone else.

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