Design Tips: Small Business Websites and iPhone Apps

I ran across two articles recently that offered designing tips: How to Build an iPhone App and 8 Tips For Small Business Homepage Design.

I thought both were pretty refreshing (especially the one about iPhone Apps) and worth a read.

How to Build an iPhone App, 15 tips:

  1. iPhone. Start here.
    The iPhone is a great platform to build a mobile community
  2. What’s in a name?
    Discovering a good name for your product is important
  3. Designing the 7 deadly sins
    Make sure your application concept is addictive
  4. Easy as 123. Or not.
    Make sure your application is intuitive and easy to use
  5. Short term commitment or marriage?
    Think about the shelf-life of your product before releasing it
  6. Be Realistic, Part I
    Consider the possibility that you won’t hit 1 million users the first month
  7. Be Realistic, Part II
    Be realistic in how you intend to monetize your application
  8. Make believe you will succeed
    Define a path for future scalability
  9. UGC = T&A. A law of nature.
    If you display user generated content, expect body parts
  10. Be embarrassed by your first release.
    Don’t try to make your product perfect before releasing it
  11. …But not too embarrassed.
    Do make sure it has the essentials
  12. It’s hard to draw a line in the sands of a slippery slope.
    Define your standard for acceptable content, and stick by it
  13. Sometimes, they write the owner’s manual.
    Sometimes they use your applications in ways you never intended
  14. Footwear, software and customer care.
    Practice good customer service
  15. Room for improvement (there always is)
    Mobile development is in its infancy

8 Tips For Small Business Homepage Design:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Be scroll-conservative
  3. Display the right links
  4. Keep featured products above the fold
  5. Make it current
  6. Create a homepage that is consistent with your brand
  7. Attach a featured image to your homepage
  8. Be quirky

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