LifeHacker’s WordPress Beginner’s Guide

If you are serious about blogging, one of the best softwares out there for you is WordPress. The software itself is free. You just need to pay for your own domain registration and hosting service, which costs roughly $10 a month.

I have never written about WordPress (even though I am a huge fan and have recommended it to a number of my friends) simply because there are so many great articles online ranging from novice to advanced usage of the software. As always, just Google it.

Today, published an amazing article which is probably the best I have ever read about WordPress for beginners. Take a look if you just started using the software (or haven’t updated for a while).

Topics include:

- What You’re In For
- Initial configuration
- Must-have plug-ins
- Make Your WordPress Theme Yours
- Sidebars and Widgets, Oh My!
- Advanced trickery

Lastly, don’t forget to upgrade your WordPress software to the latest version to avoid getting attacked.

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