First, we’d have to care.

The music industry has been in trouble for a while.  Then there were newspapers, radio and magazines.  Now before you start running around and yelling that “the Internet is ruining our business“, let’s take a minute and answer the more obvious question, or in this case, a statement you might really ought to think about for a moment, really.

“First, we’d have to care.”

The Music industry is not in trouble; the people who sell CDs are.  We still buy plenty of music, just not CD’s, just not from you.  The news industry is not in trouble; the people who sell newspapers are.  We still read plenty of news, only now it’s faster and free.  

Of course your ad sales are down, because we didn’t want that in the first place.  Not if we had the choice to watch/read/hear what we want when we want and how we want — oh, guess what? now we do.  Of course it’s not going to get better for you, because companies like Apple and Google are determined to make it even easier for us to reach our contents.  Not to make your life miserable, just ours better.

So we are not coming back to you, not unless you can provide us something worth our time/attention/money.  As for all your (financial) troubles, we’d say we’re sorry, but first, we’d have to care.

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